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Tapa del libro Wishes And Walnuts

Wishes And Walnuts

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Autor: Deby Vanwemmer

Origen: Argentina

Editorial: Eloquent Books

ISBN: 9781606930267

Origen: Argentina

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Tipo de restricciones: Adobe DRM (+)

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In Wishes and Walnuts, author Deby Van Wemmer adds inspiration and warmth to this enchanting tale of a young girl who impresses her parents by using whatever is within her reach to realize her distant dream. Wishes and Walnuts is a charming story that demonstrates the powerand rewardsof embracing a little imagination and creativity. After Dolly Dimple's parents tell her she is too young to own and care for a pet turtle, Dolly, who has always been an expert problem solver, finds a way to fashion her desire into something real that she can hold on to, play with, and love for years to come. All of Dolly's effortsand all of her adventuresrevolve around a simple, modest walnut shell. Wishes and Walnuts will captivate you as it introduces you to its moving themes about recognizing the value inherent in the most ordinary, everyday things, and demonstrating the ingenuity and persistence necessary to enthusiastically grasp what is important to you in your life. This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever hugged a dream close to their heart.

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