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Tapa del libro The Princess's Playthings

The Princess's Playthings

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Autor: James Missaglia

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Editorial: Pink Flamingo Media

ISBN: 9781950910458

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If youre a thief in the Seven Kingdoms, there are a few things you dont do: annoy wizards, trust pawnbrokers, and least of all fuck around with the Valarian royal family. Marrox knows these rules but after a night of anal with Saryn, a gorgeous redhead, hes persuaded to break the last rule. The result is a world of hurt! They end up in the hands of the royal family who are determined to make an example of the two criminals. Worst of all is the beautiful Princess Cassilla, a bisexual intellectual with a scientific approach to pain and domination. Shes trying to reconstruct ancient methods of torture in her dungeon workroom. Cassilla has the looks of a fairy tale princess but twisted morals and no mercy. Their ordeal includes bondage, domination, alchemy, torture machines and mental torments designed to break the pair all within a fairy tale castle, at the hands of a beautiful sadist. When Cassilla has finished with them, they will serve as evidence that you just dont try to steal from the Valarian royal family! Can Marrox get them out of this mess, or will Cassilla execute the pair of them through extreme pain and pleasure?