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Remember When

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Autor: Jessica Roberts

Origen: -

Editorial: Pink Flamingo Media

ISBN: 9781945648533

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Erotic Dom/sub Romance. Newlydivorced Jessica decides to make some much needed money writing erotic fiction based on her past relationships. She relives encounters from an intense bondage session on the beach to a backstage liaison at an exclusive music venue. A combination of curiosity and longing drives her to reconnect with three very different men. As Jessica learns more about what she truly wants, one man takes center stage on the page and in her heart. As she revisits her edgiest sexual encounters on paper and off, she finds herself increasingly dwelling on a different kind of abandon. Larry was her first love, the one she expected to spend the rest of her life with. A reckless college mistake ended their relationship nearly twenty years ago, but hes always held a piece of her heart. Their reunion is sweeter than she could have imagined, carrying her back to the days when she believed theyd be together forever. But just when she dares to hope that the love they left behind can be reclaimed, Larry makes a troubling discovery that threatens to tear them apart once again.

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