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Tapa del libro Miss Laura's Students

Miss Laura's Students

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Autor: Imelda Stark

Origen: -

Editorial: Pink Flamingo Media

ISBN: 9781942331995

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In Part One, the handsome but spoiled son of a wealthy couple is left in the care of their yoga teacher, the imperious Miss Laura, while theyre traveling abroad for the summer. Laura has agreed to the arrangement, under the proviso that shell have a free hand to do whatever is necessary to keep the young man in line. Sure enough, within days, Miss Laura catches her charge violating his parents privacy, reading their erotica. To bring the errant young man in line, she gives him a punishment enema followed by a thorough bare bottom spanking. And thats just the beginning! More stimulating adventures follow as the smitten student is subjected to an unconventional education in the arts of the boudoir by his attractive older teacher. In Part Two, a pair of attractive blonde sisters, become enthralled by their gorgeous yoga teacher, Miss Laura, who employs her unique ideas on proper discipline for naughty young women. An explosive mix of punishment and pleasure follows, which leads to Part Three, in which she brings her worshipful young man together with the sisters. With so much youthful sexual energy to be channeled, she invites an Asian Domme to assist. The fun and games only escalate in intensity for each of these willing submissives.

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