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Tapa del libro Female Prey & The Elusive Prey

Female Prey & The Elusive Prey

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Autor: S J Lewis, Sj Lewis

Origen: Argentina

Editorial: Pink Flamingo

ISBN: 9781939916631

Origen: Argentina

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Now in one massive volume, S J Lewis' Bestselling Female Prey and The Elusive Prey. FEMALE PREY: THE TREK. Ready for a wild adventure, the blondehaired, blueeyed beauty, Kimberley, hikes into the forest alone, knowing that somewhere nearby are anonymous men who will whisk her away and keep her for days on end. She is eager for the experience in fact, she set up the game with a clandestine company that specializes in unique wilderness adventures like this one. Her scheme takes the men by surprise, and the days that follow are grueling for Kimberley and the posse that tails her. Perhaps, she doesn't want her adventure in the wilds to end? THE ELUSIVE PREY,. Kim and Barbara VOLUNTARILY sign on for a wilderness adventure where theyll become WILLING submissives of the men who claim them. Arriving at Gordburg, they discover a resort town where men and women run rampant in lust. While Barbara goes straight to town, Kimberley decides on a game of hide and seek. She WANTS to be taken by a dominant man. Setting out to escape and evade, she becomes Elfgirl, a cunning and elusive player. Theres no one better at dodging the men out looking for women. Can the adventurous ElfGirl succeed in living out her dreams? Or will time run out, leaving her desperately longing for more?

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