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Tapa del libro Amazing Adventures Of The Gaties

Amazing Adventures Of The Gaties

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Autor: Aguilar, Rew John

Origen: Argentina

Editorial: Sbp

ISBN: 9781622128266

Origen: Argentina

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Tipo de restricciones: Adobe DRM (+)

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8.19 U$S 12.29

All seems lost as the homeland of the Gaties is attacked by an evil Virie that consumes the light energy they depend upon. On a quest to find their creator and seek his help, five intrepid Gaties set off on a race against time and experience the greatest adventure of their lives. There is much danger to be faced. The evil Mibies seek to destroy their rivals and absorb their energy so they may become ever more powerful and take over the land. Can the Gaties save the day or do the Mibies finally conquer? Find out in this fantastic tale that takes the reader on a journey of tension and suspense.

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