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Tapa del libro A Sexual Odyssey

A Sexual Odyssey

A Sexual Odyssey

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Autor: Dominic Ridler

Origen: Argentina

Editorial: Pink Flamingo

ISBN: 9781935897538

Origen: Argentina

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The lovely Lucy has led a sexually sheltered life while shes concentrated on her career. Though her sexual fantasies are far from ordinary, she finds the men she dates unexciting, and the sex routine. One evening, when shes out of town, she picks up a man in the hotel bar and enjoys the kind of risky onenight stand she craves. While continuing her sexual experimentation, she meets Rory in an online search. Under his guidance she learns about dominance and submission, and how much punishment she can take. Later, Rory suggests a threesome with his friend Andrew, an experienced Dominant who quickly reveals to Lucy a submissive side of her personality which, up until now, she has been only dimly aware of. He introduces her to a wide range of sexual delights and perversions, allowing her to indulge in her longburied need to be dominated. When Andrew tells her about an exclusive club, The Circle, shes more than ready to jump right in, becoming a submissive member, if shes accepted! First, however, she must submit to an initiation, to which she agrees. Lucy faces some grueling tests, but is determined to perform well, for Andrews sake. She soon finds a suitable dominant partner in the English aristocrat Sir John, who continue her journey into submission. However, the affections between Lucy and Andrew have been building throughout the process of Lucys awakening. Though Andrew harbors a deep romantic passion for Lucy he cannot shake, will he be able to confess his feelings to Lucy before she is lost to him forever?

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