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Tapa del libro The Rainbow Fairy

The Rainbow Fairy

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Autor: Lynne Pickering

Origen: Argentina

Editorial: Strategic Book Publishing And Rights Co.

ISBN: 9781631351709

Origen: Argentina

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Tipo de restricciones: Adobe DRM (+)

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11.68 U$S 10.78

A wicked witch captures the Rainbow Fairy, intending to exchange her for the unicorns powers, which would allow the witch to be able to fly unseen without her broomstick! Kate, a friend of the fairies, comes up with a scheme to defeat the wicked witch. Kate and the fairies set a trap for the witchs goblin helpers, intending to trade them for the Rainbow Fairy. At first the plan fails, but then the unexpected happens, when the witchs goblin helpers turn into greenies. Will the wicked witch finally release the Rainbow Fairy?

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