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Tapa del libro Neil And I

Neil And I

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Autor: Wolfgang Ratz

Origen: Argentina

Editorial: Strategic Book Publishing And Rights Co.

ISBN: 9781628572247

Origen: Argentina

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Neil and Wolfie meet each other in the convent school. The mere fact that they are the only two boys in a class of girls means that they share an immediate bond. This relationship is tested numerous times, yet it seems to survive even the dramatic events of death, new schools, foster parents, and the influence of peers. Neil and I: Boys from the Convent is a story of a simple friendship lasting against all the odds. "Basic friendliness is a vital skill that needs to be developed in all people. We should radiate love and embrace all," notes the author. The story begins in a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa in the 1960s. Wolfie was sent to the convent school to learn English, while Neil was enrolled because his mother is on her deathbed. The two boys begin a bond that lasts a lifetime in this beautifully told narrative of boyhood dreams and spiritual journeys.

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